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9 مساهمات
الأصدقاء • مايو 2022
‪Recently did the one day pottery throwing course and had the best day! My aunty and I joined 3 others doing the course just after 9am in the cafe where we had a complimentary coffee and met Agoh the instructor, we pre booked lunch and went into the studio. Agoh did a demo at the front of the class explaining techniques and how to get basic shapes like bowls and vases. We were then given a huge lump of clay to split into smaller lumps and got cracking. We really enjoyed the fact we were given the freedom to experiment with unlimited clay. Agoh was on hand if we had any questions and offered advice if she saw any of us struggling with something. We could have a go at making anything we liked with no pressure and no judgment if we had to scrap the piece of clay as it’s all recycled. Everyone was a complete beginner so it was really interesting to see how quickly each person got better and better.

After a nice lunch in the cafe we had a tour of the factory which was really interesting. Then back to the studio for more throwing. At the end we could choose what we wanted to have glazed and fired (one complimentary and the others £10)

We had a really great day! Don’t be put off by negative reviews that was the complete opposite of our experience and we came away wanting to do it all over again.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 10 مايو 2022
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لندن, UK77 مساهمة
زوجان • مارس 2022
‪Kiln cafe. Terrible. Coffee stewed and couldn’t drink it. It must take a special effort to make it that bad. Bread used for sandwiches straight out of a plastic bag and so thin you could see through it and why use grated cheese for a sandwich, it falls out. At no point we’re we asked if everything was ok. Not even at the till as we were paying. Not sure why this cafe gets good reviews.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 30 مارس 2022
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لندن, UK475 مساهمة
ديسمبر 2021
‪Very pleasant cafe with heaters in the conservatory area so it is toasty. Simple but nice menu. Loads of great stuff in the shop.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 23 ديسمبر 2021
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Ana F
3 مساهمات
أكتوبر 2021
‪I stumbled across Grayshott Pottery as a result of a surprise birthday gift from my sister and her partner. We had a day of clay throwing pottery and the plan was to start early, 8 am, meet our instructor, share breakfast and then she would start showing us around, break for lunch and then continue, up to 4.30 pm.

We were extremely thrilled to be there from the moment we stepped into the location. It is a wide space, entering first the gift shop (which I admit doesn't have much pottery items, but a big mix of everything), through the restaurant - quiet and quaint - and then into the pottery space.

Our instructor joined us at breakfast and from the very beginning, it was extremely awkward... We tried as much as possible to maintain a conversation, but with every phrase, she would react as if we would try to attack her, when in fact it was just small talk...
Once done with our coffees, we head into the pottery room, where she takes us directly to our stations, shows us how to use the clay, the do's and don't for about.. 5-7 minutes and that's it for the whole day in her really.. instructing us. She then starts doing laundry, chores around us and so on and just showing up when we would finish a piece, to lift it and move it on a piece of wood so we can continue... Communication was difficult and we would've probably figured everything out even if we were by ourselves in that space..
We all went for lunch around 12.30 pm and the awkwardness continued. We ended up trying to eat in silence and avoid conversation. We had asked if we could see the rest of the manufacturing process, the rest of the tools. She harshly replied that yeah, she would've done that anyway. Once seeing the rest of the space, we had so many questions, as it is something we find very interesting. She didn't collaborate much and seemed bothered, as if we were intruding.

Overall, the experience would've been wonderful if the communication with our instructor and the collaboration would've been more approachable, more enthusiastic.

In the end, we cleaned our stations and the space to look even cleaner than when we found it, but she wasn't even there... We said goodbye and thanked her for the day, she just gave us a "Bye".
Maybe we were too full of energy for her, but people should be about new things that they want to learn.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 22 أكتوبر 2021
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19 مساهمة
الأصدقاء • أكتوبر 2021
‪My sister, my partner and I booked a one day course of clay throwing pottery day as a birthday present for my sister.
We met the teacher, really excited about the day ahead but had quite an awkward time making small talk with our morning coffee. Didn’t make much of it, we went into the pottery room and had an introduction on how to clay cut, patting, throwing, pressure etc. The course is aimed at beginners. All the information at once whilst we were watching. Watching over, we were left to our devices most of the time, interaction to a minimum, the teacher was preoccupied with any other chores other than the one we came and paid for. Classes are usually of 4 people, we were the only ones there x3. It was all repetitive, after one finishes their first clay object one would like more diversity, such as ideas as to what to do rather than a bowl over and over again, different techniques, the teacher doing it live with us at our stations, making it interactive. If we had a question we would be met by eye rolling and reactive criticism: you should have done this etc. All our comments would be taken personally and she would really make us feel uncomfortable with her awkwardness. The lunch was average, but had choices for vegetarians, the deserts were excellent, coffee was tasty. After lunch we asked whether we could have a tour of the factory, we were really inquisitive and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the machinery and moulds , the kilns, the way the glazing interacts etc. There were some questions unanswered because as our teacher explicitly said she’s the factory clay thrower, nothing more. We returned to our work stations and had again attempted to perfect our bowls, my partner attempted to make plates and the teacher did help, I had a go at carving upon suggesting it.
Overall the day could have been so amazing but it ended up being just very average because of our tutor. Wouldn’t recommend it, it’s totally overpriced for what we actually received in exchange. We could have gone more locally and saved 60£/ head. The web advertising at Grayshott is good but in our experience didn’t deliver.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 20 أكتوبر 2021
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Steve Smith
‪Surrey‬, UK4 مساهمات
زوجان • أكتوبر 2021
‪Me and my partner attended the full day pottery class called ‘pottery throwing course’.
The environment and set up is nice. The teacher however came across cold and wasn’t that attentive. She spent some hours doing work activities like washing towels and hanging them out and painting an intricate pottery piece. It felt like we we were an inconvenience. Didn’t learn that much tbh and just got on creating some objects. The day could have been so much better.
During a quick walk around in the factory I pointed out what looked like a large area of exposed asbestos sheeting and if so the possible dangers of breathing in this areas. The response was ‘you’re talking to the wrong person’ which I find irresponsible. If she didn’t understand the context or indeed possible ramifications she could have said; I’m not aware but I’ll inform the building manager.

Conversely we did a recent knitting day course with fluff-a-torrium in Dorking which was half the price and it was truly fabulous…. the teacher was passionate, attentive and clearly wanted those that attended to learn and enjoy.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 16 أكتوبر 2021
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Laura K
‪Haslemere‬, UK6 مساهمات
أغسطس 2021
‪The lunch menu here is fairly basic. The usual jacket potatoes,paninis and a couple of heavier options. The food is fairly OK, nothing overly imaginative.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 15 سبتمبر 2021
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Vign Ette
6 مساهمات
أغسطس 2021
‪Shop is stacked-full of generic tack, with a few items of (again generic) pottery thrown in. Felt like I'd lost a bit of my soul, very sad place.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 4 أغسطس 2021
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‪Liphook‬, UK223 مساهمة
فبراير 2020
‪We had a very enjoyable lunch with friends. Very helpful staff, very tasty food promptly served. The all day breakfast was very popular.The gift shop next door is also an attraction.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 13 مايو 2020
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Fiona L
يناير 2020
‪I went with some friends for lunch. When the order arrived the jacket potatoes were smaller than you would expect for a childs portion with the toppings on the side to fill the plate I presume! My panini had a filling missing to which I was told 'it wasn't written on the order' but it was taken away and rectified. The paninis came with crisps and coleslaw, just about! I had four crisps and a desert spoonful of coleslaw.
When we came to pay the bill we wanted to split it between us but some of us had cash and others card. This caused the utmost confusion with the staff who were firstly unable to divide the bill by six then were unable to take part cash,part card. We won't be returning!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 14 فبراير 2020
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