‪Flugschule Flugluft.de‬
‪‪Meinerzhagen‬، شمال الراين وستفاليا، ألمانيا‬

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‪Flugschule Flugluft.de‬
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Christian W
‪Bergisch Gladbach‬, ألمانيا919 مساهمة
5.0 من 5 دوائر
الأصدقاء • ‪أبريل 2016‬
‪This is a real adventure for people without fear of heights. The gyrocopter is a mixture of an airplane and a helicopter. The gyrocopter has the advantages of both without the disadvantages. It starts and lands nearly like a helicopter. An engine failure doesn’t lead to a problem, the aircraft will descend slowly and land. The company “flugluft.de” located at the airfield of Meinerzhagen is offering trial flights with the gyrocopter of 30 or 45 minutes over the lovely countryside. You can even take over the stick and fly all the time. I did it and it was awesome.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 27 أبريل 2016
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