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نوفمبر 2011
‪Building period is unknown. It was listed in the Libertine Pastoral from 1705, under 5 February: Feast of St. Agatha, which is held in the chapel of Saint Luzia held at the Klausen. Pastor Jousten had added: “until this is renovated, the same festivity is now celebrated in the chapel of St Agatha in Süng”. So it is assumed that the chapel was founded at least before 1700. Probably shortly before 1799 on the site of the old chapel a new and larger one was built. Already in 1821 a new building was errected to replace the former one, 1830 a new choir was built, surmounted by a small bell tower and the previous thatch was changed to slate. In 1874 the chapel was extensively renovated, nevertheless the situation remained untenable: the floor laid below ground level so rain and snow did seep through. Thus cornerstone for a new church, on 27 September 1914 this neo-Romanesque basilica was consecrated. Its entire interior was renovated in 2008, summer 2009 it got a new roof, slate on the belltower, a partial replacement of the masonry, its outside stairs got new foundations. Interior: in 1961 remains of lime Secco murals from the 16th century were discovered, 16th century carved pulpit, early 14th-century statues of the Virgin Mary.‬
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