‪Plaza De La Iglesia‬
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David D
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زوجان • ‪نوفمبر 2020‬
‪This is a small cobbled square situated in the centre of La Oliva, it is where the Church of Our Lady of La Candeleria is located.

It is a feature of towns and villages, on Fuerteventura, to have their names on display in large letters. This town is no exception and it's name is positioned in the Square.

A number of small whitewashed buildings were dotted around, including a kiosk and public toilets. All closed possibly due to COVID restrictions and safety measures.

A small pyramid shaped statue, constructed with stones, is in the Square. No idea what it represents as it's plaque has been removed. There are a number of tall oblong whitewashed pillars are scattered around.  There were also a series of linked arch like structures.  Shade is provided by the tall palm trees.

The Skatepark, children's play park and municipal swimming pool abut the Square.

La Oliva's modern built Town Hall is adjacent to the Square. It is also a short walk away from the historic Colonel's House.

There is a free car park directly opposite the Square and the Church.

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