‪Green Lake‬
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‪‪Lachen‬‬, ‪‪Sikkim‬‬ 737120 الهند

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‪نوفمبر 2019‬
‪The trek to Green Lake is a spectacular high altitude adventure in a remote region offering some of the finest high mountain views in the Himalaya. Very few westerners have ever been this way and this trek has that element that is so rare to find anywhere today - a feeling of real exploration and in such we feel we are lucky to have been there to explore and see the nature's beauty of its own terms...The 16 days trek (Overall) is real deal if one wants to trek high up the mountains reaching above 5000 meters and camping there.
The base of the trek is a small town (or still a village) named Lachen in North Sikkim which is situated at an altitude of about 3000 meters. The Green Lake Camp is elongated at the height of more than 5000 meters and so the trek is graded from moderate to strenuous and sometime demanding too. Zemu Glacier is the spot where the maximum hiking can take place and for the highest base camp altitude the Green Lake is the perfect spot. The trek will take the zealous trekkers through villages, hills and river valleys along the foothills of the great Kanchenjunga Ranges along with some pristine areas. The Green Lake Trek is the ideal for the bird-watchers and the flower lovers.‬
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