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Dag T
‪Son‬, النرويج137 مساهمة
زوجان • أغسطس 2018
‪Ønsket å bli mer kjent med historien om kampene i Gudbrandsdalen. Fin og instruktiv utstilling. Eneste var at et par av tekstmontrene var plassert så pass langt unna at det ikke var mulig å få lest dem.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 11 أغسطس 2018
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London, England, United Kingdom156 مساهمة
‪Exquisite Museum!‬
بمفردك • أغسطس 2017
‪This is an outstandingly good museum – small but effective.
It sets out to evidence the german invasion of Norway, 1940, the subsequent occupation, including the resistance movement and the liberation of May, 1945. Just for good measure there is also a section on the Scottish invasion of 1612!
There are displays of german, norwegian and british uniforms and equipment of the time. These are supplemented by displays illustrating the events of May, 1940, starting with the fallschirmjager assault at Dombas, and then concentrating on the german advance along Gudbrandsdal, with a particular focus on the stand of the british Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI) at Kvam (25 – 28 April), subsequently falling back to Dombass, and eventually to Otta.
Throughout these displays the chronology is explained by wall displays, supported by maps, photographs, and the superlative drawings of Andreas Hauge.
The action at Kvam sparked my particular wish to visit this Museum. During the action the KOYLI, supported by the Brigade Anti Tank Battery of 25mm Hotchkiss guns, withstood attacks from an entire german infantry regiment, which in turn, was supported by a Panzer detachment, from Panzer-Abteilung z.b.V.40. It included a Neubaufahrzeug, which was knocked out by one of the 25mm guns, and was subsequently demolished by the Germans to prevent it falling into enemy hands. This was the only the combat loss of this obscure tank type, and the debris, an idler wheel, and a length of track, exhibited in the Museum is the only physical evidence of the vehicle type.
After the campaign exhibits, you move to the displays covering the occupation, resistance (Milorg), and then onto the liberation.
And you should not miss the display on the Scottish Expedition of 1612 – I must admit this was an event completely unknown to me before my visit to the Museum.
All of the displays are of smaller items, and I found the entire exhibition, small friendly and intimate.
The only major item on display is a 15cm sIG 33, to be found outside the Museum, at the opposite end from the entrance. Guns of this type would have formed part of the regimental gun battery in 1940.
I also found the Curator, very friendly and helpful. The Museum is open from late June to mid August, because the Curator is a local teacher and therefore has restricted availability – oh yes, it is also open on Liberation Day, 17th May.
And when you step outside the Museum – take a look around! You are stood in the middle of the british positions during the action in 1940. The church, to be seen behind the Museum is a reconstruction of the building destroyed in 1940. Look around the sweep of the hils, the forest on the upper slopes, and try to imagine late winter, snow melting but still collected in drifts – that was how the combatants saw the battlefield back then!
Go there. It is a great museum!”‬
كُتب بتاريخ 20 يوليو 2018
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أوسلو, النرويج64 مساهمة
‪Minner fra krigen. ‬
الأصدقاء • يونيو 2017
‪Dette stedet bør man absolutt besøke på tur gjennom Gudbrandsdalen. Historie som ingen skal glemme. Ligger litt bortgjemt på Kvam, men finner man kirken er det på andre siden av hovedveien. ‬
كُتب بتاريخ 11 يونيو 2017
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أوسلو, النرويج15 مساهمة
‪Well worth a visit‬
زوجان • يوليو 2016
‪Fascinating and moving local war museum situated in a memorial park and commemorating the fighting in the area in 1940 as well as five years of occupation. Much focus on the gallantry of British troops that fought the Germans there in April 1940. Lots of artefacts, documentation and pictures - all captioned in Norwegian, English and German. A must for British and Norwegian visitors in the area and recommended for all others as well. Don't forget to pay your respects to the war graves across the road, the youngest was only 18...‬
كُتب بتاريخ 24 يوليو 2016
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