‪Yilan Hu-Shan Tea Farm‬
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Calvin L
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العائلة • ‪أغسطس 2017‬
‪There are many low terrain tea farm in Yilan county located at the foot of the mountain. We took the Kuruma travel under Steven our tour guide/driver to a tea farm who teaches Smoke tea eggs workshop and tea plucking experience. We arrive the Ur-Shan Tea Farm around 11:15am. It's Friday and we were greeted by tea farm owner. Because, I have not heard about smoked tea egg, the owner encouraged us to sign the DIY workshop to learn cooking smoke tea egg. The fee is TWD180 per person and given hard boiled eggs. There are also tit bits sunflower seeds cooked with tea leaves which gave them tea flavors for every table.

Owner use a projector slide with his tri-language (Chinese, English, Japanese ) PowerPoint slides to showcase his tea farm, tea plucking and smoked egg cooking class . We are divided into two tables after completing the slideshow. We extra carefully removed the egg shell in order not to damage the cooked egg white. The next step is place a pre-cut aluminum foil on the cooking pan. Put 3 to 4 teaspoon of brown natural sugar and 2 teaspoon of tea leaves evenly spread out on the foil. Next turn on the small gas burner and high flame to cook it until smoke comes out, they switched to mid flame setting for 2 minute. We opened the lid cover and surprised with 6 golden smoked tea eggs. We all love the flavor of the smoked egg and first time ever taste this self cooked DIY tea smoked eggs. Putting the same method, you can cook using fish, chicken or pork to smoke in brown sugar and tea leaves.

Another special tea drink demonstration by owner is yakult mixed with fresh stirred tea powder. This is highly potent to reduce the belly fat and recommend to drink every morning for reduce weight and improve digestion.

The owner later brought us to the tea farm and we felt the hot sun at tea farm with rows and rows of tea tree resembled blankets of green foliage. So nice feeling also when we pluck the top two to three new tea leaves for experience. Steven our guide also asked the owner to prepare a plastic packing to keep the smoked tea eggs for take away.

Total time we spent is about 1.5 hours and we were glad we listened to Steven to go to Ur-Shan tea farm. The owner is so friendly and nice. We all end up smiling and happy after the tea farm visit around 1pm. If you are interested, please contact Steven Sun of Kuruma +886 930 675 038.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 26 أغسطس 2017
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