‪Jiajiang Qianfoyan Scenic Spot‬

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ديسمبر 2018
‪这处也属于唐朝摩崖石刻,与龙门石窟不同的是,四川很多唐代的摩崖石刻经常带有建筑元素, 如西方净土变龛有雕出楼阁, 殿堂, 桥梁, 经幢, 这引起了建筑史学家梁思成的注意. 一种叫雀替的建筑构件,也在千佛崖大量出现,一般出现在龛门左右上方。‬
كُتب بتاريخ 11 يناير 2019
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سان فرانسيسكو, كاليفورنيا955 مساهمة
زوجان • يوليو 2018
‪The name of this site is also called, Jiajiang Thousand Buddhas Rock Scenic Area in Leshan City. It is about a two hour drive from downtown Chengdu. It is not that easy to locate this place as it is hidden past the small village and if you do not understand Mandarin, it may be quite challenging to find it without a guide!

We had a guide and driver that took us here. It is well worth a visit before your visit to the Leshan Grand Buddha as it gives you a perspective of buddha statues in a much smaller size. You will need to walk through the street of a small local village, Leshan City before arriving to the scenic area. There are many small shops selling food, vegetables, fruits and other food staples along side small restaurants and housing of locals. Our guide informed us that some of the buildings along this street are well over 400 years old and still standing in excellent condition. The villagers do not speak any English at all. Keep walking past the village until you reach the end and pay a small admission fee to enter.

Upon entering you will see a series of buddhas carved in the caves that many locals have carved years ago. Many versions of the Buddha are displayed here, some dating back from the Ming and Qing dynasties-- numbering several thousand of them on the cliff sides-- a sight to see! Many of the buddhas do have missing heads and there are signs in Chinese that explain the Buddhas carved there.

It is interesting to walk through the cliff side and see all the Buddha carvings-- it definitely is a slower pace of life here. We also ate at a local restaurant in town where our guide helped us order nice meal of local delicacies. Allow yourself at least 2 hours or so to wander into town, then the caves where the buddhas are located, and perhaps a local meal in town before departing. Visiting here really left me feeling that this was and is the "real" feeling of what ancient China used to be. It is a much slower way of life and there are not that many people around. There are no crowds, long lines, or bikes and motor bikes!! After visiting Beijing and Xian, this was an enjoyable break from all the people we were surrounded by all week!! Glad that our tour included a stop here!!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 1 سبتمبر 2018
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مايو 2013
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