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‪مناطق للسير في أجواء تاريخية‬
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Eduardo P
‪Santa Cruz‬, بوليفيا117 مساهمة
سبتمبر 2021
‪Playa privada de Royal Caribbean, con todo incluido como si estuvieras en el barco, playas lindas, muchas actividades, el zip line...‬
كُتب بتاريخ 29 يونيو 2022
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Cam N
لوس أنجلوس, كاليفورنيا196 مساهمة
مايو 2022
‪For all the talk of dire poverty regarding the the island nation of Haiti,
paradise found is the flip side of Haiti.
Labadee is designed to take advantage of the pristine natural beauty of this northerly island locale. Situated in a niche of the north westerly isle, beaches,a
butterfly sanctuary, a water playground for both adults and kids as well as market stalls all intertwine to make Labadee,Haiti a memorable location. For those wanting a bit of action at Adrenaline beach, one can actually view zipliners fly past above the sunbathers. Music and dancers combine and blend to make this corner of Haiti superbly beautiful in this lush greenery.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 22 مايو 2022
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Brian S
‪Phoenix‬, ‪Arizona‬13 مساهمة
مايو 2022
‪If you’re looking for a couple of hours of jam packed history and culture about Haiti, then the Labadee Traditions shore excursion is an absolute must! The tour guide, Antonio, was fantastic! He spoke about everything from the heroes of Haiti to winning independence from France and slavery to showing us several local plants said to have various healing powers. Voodoo, making cement, the Creole language, making rum from sugar cane, traditional dancing, fire eating, and I’m sure a lot more that I can’t remember right now. He even got some ladies from our group to dance with him. Great sense of humor throughout.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 12 مايو 2022
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Jan O
‪The Villages‬, فلوريدا47 مساهمة
الأصدقاء • مايو 2022
‪We were on the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas so we went to their private area of the island. If you plan on going to Labadee be prepared for all of the shopping vendors to approach you and try to coax you to come purchase their wares. In my opinion it’s quite sad and unfortunately you can’t buy something from everyone. However it is extremely beautiful. We walked along the beach picking up sea shells and watching the people on the zip line.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 11 مايو 2022
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كلير ووتر, فلوريدا566 مساهمة
أبريل 2022
‪This island was AMAZING. Yes it is a private island owned by Royal so it takes away from the authentic feel you would see on other types of islands but either way its still beautiful with so much to do. I think it is one of my favorite ports because of the variety and the scenery. I love extreme thrills, water and good food and it has it all. Like everyone else said, please watch out for that dang market! I call it Hussle Village because they will hound you down. Outside of that, everything is else is great!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 25 أبريل 2022
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Ryan H
زوجان • أبريل 2022
‪One of the most beautiful places! So beautiful it’s a shame the market area makes me want to avoid this port all together. This is most aggressive port I have ever been to. In fact the only port that I have been to that they will physically grab you and not let go. They fill bags with items and expect you to buy. They get extremely aggressive when you try to say no. I was physically cornered in a shop and unable to leave until I yelled. After finally getting away they still followed yelling “MISS LISTEN TO ME” I caught myself running back to the ship. No amount of “no thank you”, “not interested”, or “let me go” was working. I would have loved to shop more in this beautiful place but the aggressive behavior of vendors makes that impossible.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 23 أبريل 2022
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suhas m
16 مساهمة
رجال الأعمال • مارس 2022
‪Excellent private own island by Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Its a part of the cruise. Its a life time experience. One should try it. The beach is amazing.There r cabanas. And one of the longest zip line which is an amazing adventure.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 23 أبريل 2022
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Danielle Loren
‪Spokane‬, واشنطن52 مساهمة
بمفردك • أبريل 2022
‪I actually really liked this port. When we first arrived in the morning I had a nice walk up some stairs in a wooded area. The place is well maintained and clean and there's lots to do. I spent an hour walking around before the snorkeling tour. I ate lunch which was ok, Caribbean food (though none of the ports this cruise have had vegetarian food options which I hope they change) there's plenty of beach to play in, lots of hammocks to relax in and a bar if that's your thing. The snorkeling was amazing, probably the best I've done just because the area is HUGE. They give you a lot of ocean to play in, rather than just a small area. A couple of times I found myself far away from the group. There was so much coral and you get very close to it. I got some amazing photos. You get a lot of time to snorkel which was the exact opposite of my experience at pearl island in Nassau where we were given 15 minutes in a small area. I spent the last couple hours wandering around and my only complaint of course is one that has been mentioned by most reviewers here: the market. I stumbled into it without realizing what it was and I was instantly pulled in (quite literally grabbed) by a pair of young men who guided me to their shop. They placed things in my hands and carved items that I'll likely never use (yes, this is a shady strategy but I realize it's the only way they can make money) with the expectation that I'll pay for them. I had experienced this is Jamaica so I knew what was coming. He asked for 60$ but I agreed to $30 for some carved items, a necklace and a bracelet they had all put on my body. They led me to a credit card machine in the main market. There were loads of other vendors up to the same thing but I was somewhat "protected" by the two guys I went with. Because they saw that I had bought through these guys, the others seemed to leave me alone though as I was walking away I heard one guy yelling "miss, miss"! I ignored him and walked faster but the faster I walked the louder he screamed: " miss, miss, MISSSSSS"!!!! it was actually scary that he could scream at me with such authority as though I owed him my attention. I've traveled a lot and have experienced poverty but I could see how others who have not traveled beyond the security of a cruise ship could be very scared by these aggressive vendors. And it did put me off, too. I would have actually spent more time roaming the market had I not been physically attacked and clobbered with as many items as they could fit onto my body, unsolicited. I've heard others say the vendors took their children, grabbed them and plied them with goods they were then forced to buy and that is just wrong. If this has happened to so many people and so many people have complained about it, why does Royal Caribbean let it go unchecked? For that, the experience gets docked two stars. What would have otherwise been a five star port is a 3 star one just because of the horrible aggressiveness of the vendors. My advice is to either take the tram to reach the other part of the island or keep your eyes open for the sign that says Market (you'll see some stairs next to a huge tented off main market area). The stairs lead to the back market where the locals are very aggressive. I heard they're less agro at the main market but I was also attacked there, so watch out for this whole area if you want to avoid all that. Other than the market, this port was actually one of my favorite. Very clean, lots to do, snorkeling was the best.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 22 أبريل 2022
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‪Cary‬, ‪North Carolina‬62 مساهمة
أبريل 2022
‪Labadee was a highlight port for us on our RC cruise. I was unsure what to expect but our family of 6 of all ages was pleasantly surprised. It was clean, beautiful, offered various beaches (surf and totally calm), free lounge chairs with umbrellas, and had free RC-quality buffet food under plentiful shade. It was so easy to walk off the boat and just relax. They offer trams but the area is small and the beaches all walkable. We had rented a 2-person clam shell lounger pre-cruise, but found it was not really necessary because of all the many free lounge chairs with umbrellas at all beaches. Also, the clam shell loungers are at the start of Adrenaline Beach - the surfy/more wavy beach, so unless you have teens or kids that like more action, you may prefer Nellie's Beach or Columbus Cove or the far side of Adrenaline Beach where the floating beach bar is. The clam shells were a further walk to bars/food, etc. We did the Zipline, and our kids did the aqua park and roller coaster - all great! But you could easily do no activities and be content. People complain about the town square market and sellers but you do not have to walk thru there. If you do, then don't be surprised to get calls to buy goods which help support the native islanders. We spent about 7 hours all and all!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 16 أبريل 2022
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فلوريدا316 مساهمة
فبراير 2022
‪We were a little hesitant to get off at the Labadee Port after the reviews we read. I am however very pleased we did. Labadee is absolutely beautiful to look at,. we took lot of pictures from the deck of the ship and then went on land to see what it had to offer.
It was a quick and easy walk fro the Ship. There are several soft sandy beaches available. Some are close and an easy walk, some more private beaches are a little further, still easily walkable but they do offer several trams to assist in getting back and forth. We decided to go to Nellies beach. We took the quick tram ride and walked through the vendors to get to Nellies Beach. Walking through the vendors is similar to other islands and vendors, they try and get your attention and make suggestions on items you may enjoy. We did not stop to shop. We politely declined and continued on our way.
We sat on the swings at the tiki bar on Nellies beach and enjoyed the views and a few cold beers before lounging in the sun and wading in the crystal clear, gorgeous water. After taking several photos and enjoying the beach it was time to head back to the Ship. We did do a little shopping on our way back and the vendors were kind and easy to negotiate with.
Labadee was stunning and an overall wonderful day at Port.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 22 فبراير 2022
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