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يناير 2022
‪Memorial halls, like this one, are a typical sight in country towns across Australia and were erected in the years following WWI & WWII. In cities and suburbs, many have been pulled down or altered.
The Taralga Memorial Hall was built after WWII. Further up the road, there is a WWI memorial, an upright, polished grey granite obelisk, with a list of the names of those who served and fell during WWI.
Both are poignant reminders of the sacrifices made by small towns across Australia.
There are layers of meaning behind the construction of such memorials. They honoured the sacrifice made by others, they reflected nationalism and pride in the town’s contribution and they represented a determination to never forget the dead. Bricks and mortar created permanent reminders of the dead, ensuring that they were not forgotten.
There would also have been enormous grief associated with these memorials. No town or community was left untouched and mostly there were no graves to mourn. Perhaps in some ways, they were surrogate graves for soldiers whose bodies remained lost or buried overseas in places that their families would never visit.
Despite its significance, the hall is an unassuming two storey brick building. Except for a large street awning and a flagpole, the street frontage is otherwise unadorned.
A plaque out the front is partially obscured by some bushes on the left of the doors. It simply reads:
“This Foundation Stone of Taralga District War Memorial Hall was laid by the Governor General of Australia His Excellency the Rt Hon. Sir William McKell GG MG QC, 14th November 1952”
Today it is largely unchanged and it still houses the offices for the RSL (Returned and Services League) and the Country Women’s Association. It also remains a focus of community activities and regular community events such as the monthly Lions Market and community playgroups are also held here.‬
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