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العائلة • مايو 2019
‪Southend Park is a small green area hidden behind Southend Lane near Lidl in Sydenham, London. It is in a gritty area yet surprisingly the park has some beautiful trees.

The main entrance to the park runs between estate housing. The park is what's left of some open space following the development of some slightly higher density housing in the area. The current space has existed since 1953.

The current space is a green area lined with trees along with a small children's playground. The playground is not in the best of conditions and the two tables nearby are a little grotty. In truth there is not much to do at Southend Park.

For all its lack of action and the slightly dispiriting backdrop the park is surprisingly beautiful. There are some interesting trees such as willows and limes dating around a century. The more recent additions of blossoms are spectacular in the right season.

Throughout the flowering season there are some lovely colours including russets and pinks which really stand out in the area. For the right part of spring though there is an incredible set of cherry and white blossoms in the middle of the park. During blossom season the view is wonderful.

Despite the number of people who live in the area there are not many users of the park other than dog walkers. It is a quiet place whether during the middle of a weekday or of a weekend afternoon. There's a romance about the place if also a tinge of sadness for the under-utilisation. There are a couple of benches to rest on.

There is not much at Southend Park but the flowering season includes some nice tree shades. During blossom season this hidden space with an inauspicious backdrop is simply stunning.‬
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