‪Oxenber and Wharfe Woods‬

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‪Chorley‬, UK124 مساهمة
الأصدقاء • مايو 2017
‪An idyllic small woodland of Special Scientific Interest. We visited in mid May when the bluebells were at their best. As we climbed over a stile on the left hand side of the track , up from Feizor village (after an appetising meal at Louise's Tearooms (see separate review) we were met by a staggeringly beautiful site of brilliant bright blue. Not just a haze of bluebells but massed ranks of them together with a host of primroses and many other wild flowers. It really is an enchanting place and a real draw for botanists, with a diversity of plants adapted to a limestone habitat. Ash, Hazel, Dog's Mercury and Wood Sorrel, Green Spleenwort, Mountain Melick, Hart's Tongue Fern, lesser Meadow-rue and many more.
It is hard not to walk on the wild flowers, there are so many, so it's best to follow the marked way posts and definitely keep dogs on a lead. A sign board shows you how to walk from one wood and into the next and you can do a round trip from the tea room quite easily. A heavenly place at bluebell time and probably beautiful at other times of year as well, with views across to Pen-y-Gent and Ingleborough and Pendle Hill in the distance. We had the blessing of a lovely day but suitable weather gear could be necessary because the wood is quite exposed up from the valley.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 20 مايو 2017
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