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‪Lincolnshire‬, UK1,077 مساهمة
زوجان • ‪سبتمبر 2016‬
‪Ok so we was going to a wedding the shoes I wanted was in London. So I called up the branch in advance and spoke to a chap who was precise and told me he would get the shoes transferred to Newcastle for me.
Fantastic I thought.
So I called up Thursday to see if they had arrived before Friday's collection. They had. I was so happy.
Then we arrived at the store. To be looked up and down like we wasn't ment to be there? Ok. I said prompt I have shoes to collect and gave them my name. The male said he'll go and get them. While this other female assistant smirked ? Strange but I thought it must of been a private joke before we went in.
So my partner also wanted a shirt and T shirt , and some pirate boots, socks and a new wallet .....yet the lack of customer care was that horrific we ended up spending a fortune in fenwicks rather.
I bought my shoes £145.00 and left stunned.....

I previously left an outstanding trip advisor on this store and shop quite often with Westwood and this had to be the worst experience we had ever had. Maybe because we just drive 430 miles from portsmouth to Newcastle, looked like we was a state and tired. But you should never judge a book by its cover. This store lost out in a lot of revenue today due to the general attitude of the two sales assistances on Friday. But still it must be hard for them having a uniform allowance and discount to afford a item from the brand. !

I don't think I will ever go into this store again. ! Fact !
كُتب بتاريخ 14 سبتمبر 2016
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‪Lincolnshire‬, UK1,077 مساهمة
زوجان • ‪يناير 2016‬
‪Ok we went in to Westwoods to buy my sister some earrings for her birthday
The team are spot on, so friendly and on point. My other half wanted a wallet so he ended up with one too. The menswear is at the back of the store this is a large selection. Yet the woman's selection is more in depth. Clean attentive and passionate ! My first experience in a Westwood store outside of London and believe me. This team in place is better than the flag ships team. Well done guys especially the blond haired female. Didn't catch her name thou. She's s credit ‬
كُتب بتاريخ 27 يناير 2016
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Lauren D
Newcastle, England, United Kingdom12 مساهمة
الأصدقاء • ‪سبتمبر 2014‬
‪I am appalled by the level of service, or disservice I received from the Newcastle Vivienne Westwood branch.

My grandma insisted on buying my wedding shoes from this shop, because I fell in love with them. She has Leukaemia, and the fact she was able to buy them as a gift for me for my wedding - which when she was diagnosed I didn't think she'd make - makes the shoes even more special to me.

I was delighted with the shoes, but sadly they broke when I was wearing them, which was both embarrassing and disappointing - the gold bow had snapped off on the front. I didn't worry too much about it though as I assumed, it being the massive brand that it is, they would have a degree of customer service and resolve the issue easily. They would fixed them and that would be that.

Skip forward 3 months and many phone calls, letters and negative interactions, including random lies that the shoes were in Brazil when they were actually in-store, and the crux of the story is that it was not possible for them to fix my shoes as they were limited edition. Ok... then they said I could have store credit. No thanks; I would at least like an option of whether I would want a refund or store credit so I can decide where to buy my next pair of crap quality shoes.

It has literally taken 3 months for them to agree that I can have a discount under the Trading Standards Act. Ok, lets draw a line under it, it took 3 months but at least I have the refund and most importantly the shoes :)

No, wait, the refund is on the condition that I am not allowed to have my original broken shoes back (which are still in the store and will presumably eventually just get binned) because they need to be sent to the manufacturer (remember, the one who is unable to fix them?).

Can I reiterate? These were my wedding shoes. They were £150. They were bought from a massive brand. They were bought for me by my grandma who has Leukaemia. They have massive sentimental value and zero commercial value: the least I should have been offered was my money back, my broken shoes and an apology (now, a big apology). I left the shop in tears.

I will never shop there again and wouldn't recommend you do either. What an awful experience.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 18 سبتمبر 2014
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