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زوجان • نوفمبر 2020
‪As well as very attractive, this "Barrio" or neighbourhood of Estepona has an interesting story.

In the mid-twentieth century there was a priest in Estepona, Padre Manuel, who lived in the town as the Parish Priest of the main church, Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, for over 50 years.

Elderly folk still remember him as someone very kind, very generous (what little he had he would share), very humble (wearing threadbare cassock), and very bossy. 😊

He was appalled by the living conditions in the Old Town, what is today the picturesque Historic Centre, as there was no running water (women went out to the fountains and wells in the squares), and no sanitation (a bucket by the door).

So he persuaded the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) to finance the building of this Barrio, which not only had water and lavatories, but for each house a tiny garden, unlike the houses in the Old Town which were cramped together. He also suggested pavements and orange trees in the streets.

This was revolutionary town planning in those days!

The houses were originally single storey, but as the residents became more prosperous, many added an extra storey, as well as fancy wrought-ironwork. And cars - the original residents would never have believed that ordinary people would have cars!

He is remembered in the town by a statue in front of the church Nuestra Señora de los Remedios and by the Cultural Centre named after him.

But his greatest memorial is the charming Barrio del Cristo.‬
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