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David D
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‪Beautiful old Church‬
زوجان • يوليو 2020
‪Tuesday 28th July and we visited this historic Church in the heart of Yeovil. When we visited the Church was open between 12 noon to 14.00, closed on Sundays, restricted opening hours.

As we entered this sacred place there was a real sense of calmness and serenity. Due to COVID 19 restrictions and safety measures, some parts of the Church were cordoned off and not accessible to the public. This did not detract from our experience here, which we were grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy.

Within the Church there are numerous large arches topped with a vaulted ceiling with it's dark wooden beams. There were also a good number of eye catching colourful stained glass windows to admire.

We sat for a few moments, in one of the wooden pews, alone with our thoughts and reflections. It was also an opportunity to absorb how beautiful the Church is and to enjoy the sense of safety it provided.

St John's was designated a world heritage site 19th March 1951. It is also a Grade 1 listed building.

According to information provided it was was built in the late 14th century. The Church's tower, was built in 1480 and stands 92 feet (28 m) high. It houses the bell chamber and it's fourteen bells, two of which date back as far as 1728.

As we exited the Church, a very friendly member of it's Clergy spoke we us and thanked us for visiting.

Admission to the Church is free, however there is a donation box, near the entrance/exit, to help maintain and preserve this beautiful building.

Outside the Church are small well maintained gardens with flower beds filled with a variety of colourful blooms. A popular place for people to come and sit and enjoy the garden, its tranquility in the summer sunshine.‬
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