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Sebastian Q
ناجا, الفلبين47 مساهمة
رجال الأعمال • سبتمبر 2017
‪Ilin and Ambulong are the islands to visit in Mindoro if you want to see the endangered Philippine Teak. A hardwood which is also called Malabayabas as it is similar to guava.

We met with our program officers and local community and tagged some of the Teak trees.

It takes an hours banca ride to get to the islands and it was an adventure!! We were lucky to be blessed with a calm sea and great weather.

A beautiful place to visit!!!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 16 سبتمبر 2017
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Djop T
‪Muntinlupa‬, الفلبين339 مساهمة
رجال الأعمال • مايو 2014
‪Ilin Island can be reached via a 1-1.5 hr banca trip from the municipality of San Jose (1 hour by plane from Manila). It is not your usual tropical island vacation destination. Although there are a few beach resorts around the island. There is one on the northern tip, another on a small islet also to the north and Grace Island Resort south of the adjacent Ambulong Island. Coves with pristine beaches can also be found on the southern end of Ilin. Vibrant coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass beds and colorful fishes can be found in patches around the islands.

A beautiful church of the reknowned healing priest at Iling Proper is what draws many visitors to Ilin Island. But the island also boasts a pair of rare biological treasures - the critically endangered Philippines Teak and the Ilin Cloud Rat. The Phil Teak is a majestic tree which can only be found in coastal areas of Ilin-Ambulong Islands and in Batangas. The Ilin Cloud Rat on the otherhand is a mysterious furry creature which was first discovered 120 years ago (1895) and has not been seen since. Initiatives to reforest Ilin and Ambulong are being spearheaded by the local communities supported by the local government, DENR and NGOs.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 4 أبريل 2015
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منطقة العاصمة الوطنية, الفلبين45 مساهمة
رجال الأعمال • مارس 2015
‪We made a side trip to Ilin Island proper during our recent visit to Mindoro and except for the church where healing priest Fr. Suarez used to do spiritual healings, there is nothing much to see. We were told that there are spiritual journeys during Lent going to this church but I think there are much better islands in Mindoro than this one.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 29 مارس 2015
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سياتل, واشنطن8 مساهمات
العائلة • فبراير 2015
‪If you are expecting a hotel or Wi-Fi this is not the place for you. Ilin Island is known to have the poorest Filipinos living there. It is a good place to do mission work. To get there we flew to San Jose, Occidental, Mindoro Philippines, then we took a boat to the island. The boat is known as a banca (looks like a boat made of bamboo). It was approximately a 1.5 hour boat ride. (strong swimmers recommended, bring your own life vest or just trust that the locals will get you to the island safely, that's what we did) Be prepared to squat on the boat and get wet. After we approached the island, we then transferred to a row boat. The village we stayed at is called Proper Ilin. The locals estimate approximately 2,300 people live there. There are 11 Barangays on the island, that's equivalent to 11 small towns separated by forests, farms, and coconut trees. Our travel arrangements were made through bayanitravel.com. Our accommodations included a stay at the formation house near the Santisima Trinidad church. It's basically a dormitory with bunk beds, showers, and bathrooms. (Again this is a third world country, don't expect air conditioning, flushing toilets, or fans that work). Also included were meals prepared by the local Filipinos. Our itinerary was to feed the poor and serve in medical missions. The locals prepared a rice soup and we served it to the elementary children. Then the next day you can assist nuns in distributing medicine. Sadly there are no hospitals on this island, no roads or cars. To get to another village you have to take the banca to get to the other side. Overall the trip was well organized! The mission group leader prepared pamphlets that explained our itinerary. She always communicated what time to meet or leave and made sure we were having fun.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 23 مارس 2015
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