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Rob Nesbit
بازل, سويسرا1,603 مساهمات
مايو 2021
‪Bumped into Gunter, who works at the bar, as he was getting ready for the day, putting out chairs and tables. Gave me some good information for my hike to the mountains, and was very friendly and chatty. Told me about this bar, that is not long open at all.

Checked in when I returned from my long hike out in the sun, was great to have a sit down and a nice cool beer. Gunter showed me around the small bar and introduced me to his boss.

Small place, not much room inside, but its outside relaxing under the sun where it is all at. Friendly staff and I hope the bar works out for them.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 22 مايو 2021
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