‪Ath khamba‬

تعليقات حول - ‪Ath khamba‬, ‪Gyaraspur‬

‪معالم وأماكن محل اهتمام‬
طالع المزيد
المدة المقترحة
ساعة - ساعتان
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Dilip S
‪Vadodara‬, الهند1,122 مساهمة
زوجان • نوفمبر 2013
‪Athkhamba of 9th century AD , situated near to the local bus stand , has relics of Shiv temple . The east facing temple was constructed on a raised platform , which can be reached with a flight of four steps on eastern side . The structure of the temple suggests that it had a mukh-mandapa, antarala and garbha-griha . The first four pillars supports the roof of the mukha-mandapa , while rear four pillars support the roof of the anatarala . The roof lintel has small niches, carved with amorous couples, musicians and dancers . The inside lintels of the roof are also carved in same manner supporting the theory that in those days the temples were not visited only to pay tributes to the Lord but for recreations too .

The pillars of the temple are intricately carved with pot-creeper motifs . These are carved with stepped-octagonal-facets . These have an intermediate capital having lion-like faces at the corners . Above this capital is a round honey-comb style pillar segment which support another capital to support the beams .

The entrance to the anatarala is through the most ornate illika torana . Ganga , is shown with an attendant at the base of the left door jamb . The above vertically moving creeper like ornamentation is actually constituted of dancing human figures , very nice innovation by the artist on carving this instead of common flower / leaf creeper ornament . Above three panels are occupied by the demi gods . Yamuna, with an attendant holding umbrella above her is shown at the base ofthe right door jamb . Above three panels have Shiv Parvati in various poses .Danching human figures make up a vertical moving creeper on the corner .
Shiva is shown in the central niche , Brahma with three heads on left side niche and Vishnu with chakra and sankha on right side niche. Shiva in central niche suggests that the temple was dedicated to Shiva. The lintel above have carvings of dancing Gandharvas.

The ruins boast of an inscription dated 982 AD .
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