‪Medicine Lake Provincial Recreation Area‬

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‪Medicine Lake Provincial Recreation Area‬

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‪Edmonton‬, كندا326 مساهمة
‪Excellent Campground‬
العائلة • أغسطس 2016
‪The campground is right on the shore of Medicine Lake, just off the Cowboy Trail (Highway 22). The sites here are well treed offering privacy with some lakeside sites. Each site has a picnic table and firepit. 10 pieces of firewood daily is included with your camp fee. Additional wood is available for purchase. There are no powered sites and it is recommended that you bring in your own water. Dry toilets. The area is full of great outdoor activities. Due to restrictions of motorboats (12 km speed limit), the kayaking and canoeing here is very pleasant. Fishing is also popular, you can try your luck catching Northern Pike and Yellow Perch. Overall, a great family campground! The call of the Loons are beautiful.

This campground has 45 sites.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 12 سبتمبر 2016
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