‪Parroquia Nuestra Senora del Rosario‬

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‪كنائس وكاتدرائيات‬ • ‪مواقع دينية‬ • ‪معالم وأماكن محل اهتمام‬
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Andrew M
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‪Our Lady of the Rosary Parish church is located in the town center, and is a must see in Dajabon. It is opposite Central Park where the Duarte bust is located. The most attractive feature of the church is the four tiered bell tower at the front, which is topped by a cross. The second tier from the top, has clock faces on all sides. To the left of the church is a sculpture of Jesus in a white robe with red cloak over his shoulders. The sculpture stands on a pedestal which has a plaque with the year 1947. The sculpture is surrounded by a low hedge with red flowers, and there are a few benches in this area where one can relax.

Between the church and sculpture, is a cross with a rosary on it. There is an attractive mural on the wall behind the cross. In a town of few attractions, this church is a must see. After visiting the church, head east towards the main street to visit the Dajabon Park and Arch of Dajabon.‬
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