‪Bardi Ardyaloon Hatchery‬

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‪The Bardi Ardyaloon Hatchery is located at the end of One Arm Point Road at the tip of Cape Leveque on the Dampier Peninsula. (Approx 16km from Kooljamon resort)

The hatchery was first established to produce the top-shell Trochus niloticus which is for sale ( Mother-of-Pearl). The Ardyaloon Hatchery has been successfully producing them for numerous years & provides employment for the local Aboriginal communities.

There is an entrance fee of $17 pp (kids are free ) which can be purchased at the Ardyaloon Office or at the supermarket over the counter. This admission fee allows you to experience one of the complimentary guided Hatchery Tours and also drive around the local aboriginal community.

Hours - 9am - 3pm daily (Closed Saturdays) Guided tours run twice daily at 10am and 2pm.

Ardyaloon is home to approximately 400 people. The Bardi Jawi community has a strong connection to their traditions & culture. Experience the stunning King Sounds and the tropical coastal mangroves which are a must-do when visiting this isolated outback destination.

Combine visiting Bardi Ardyaloon Hatchery if staying at either Kooljamon Resort or Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm.

One Arm Point is the end of the road of Cape Leveque which is important to note for tourist travelling to this region. It’s an extremely outback location and One Arm Point has a large supermarket which sells all essential items and petrol.‬
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