‪South Czech Republic Ponds‬

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‪Biking around the South Czech Republic ponds‬
يوليو 2021
‪This area has the largest pond/lake in Central Europe but it is only one of many ponds/lakes here in South Czech Republic. You can access the biking trails from many small towns/villages and we used Veleli Nad Luznici. The biking trails are color coded so you can find your way and your way back. They are hotels and Penzions around the area if you want to spend the night and many places to eat or get a drink. The trails can be very good and paved to very narrow and muddy. Lot of bumpy trails but all passable. We really enjoyed our time here and plan to go back. the scenery is beautiful. Definitely recommend.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 13 يوليو 2021
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