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‪Hamilton & Waikato Region‬, نيوزيلندا5 مساهمات
العائلة • ديسمبر 2018
‪I really enjoyed my easy kayak along the freshwater stream. This is self guided. You begin in an aquaduct before popping out into a small stream which feels like you're miles from civilization. The gentle current slowly moves you along, you only need to steer. If you're a novice kayaker you can do this! There's plenty to see, native plants and animals and thermal activity. It's a must-do.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 2 يناير 2019
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ملبورن, أستراليا14 مساهمة
زوجان • أكتوبر 2018
‪The team at Wai Maori make it easy to book our little adventure. Greeted by Rod who quickly sized us up ans thought individual kayaks would be better than the double we booked. Thanks to his advice it made our experience far more enjoyable and we each got to experience it all for ourselves. We chose the 1 1/2hr trip down the freshwater stream which was he right amount considering both of us hadn't done that this for a number of years (I feel you're complete novice Rod quickly puts you at easy and the path isnt too taxing). This was an adventure with us getting to start in a canal that's leads into an aquaduct which felt like something out of a film. It wasn too strenuous as the stream has a mild current and just needs you to do the steering. This lovely streams qaa teaminf with massive trout who dartwd aeoubd the kayak. We happily laughed along at our attempts to get ourselves use done to kayaking. You go past thermal mud spots and finish up at Wai Maori where you initially meet the team. We big wanted to do it again immediately! I would have love so to enjoy Moreno of this lovely little heaven that they have found (I only wishes I'd known they havw a hut they rent out right on the stream and there own thermal pool!). We've can't thank them enough for making our last day in NZ so enjoyable. They do have half day adventures so we'll be back.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 3 أكتوبر 2018
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