‪Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre‬

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‪Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre‬
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‪Greater Sydney‬, أستراليا87 مساهمة
أكتوبر 2019
‪Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre is Gladstone’s first permanent marine turtle rehabilitation facility. It opened in March, 2012. The tour offered a 5 hour round trip for $190 per adult. A portion of this fee is donated directly the centre. The centre is central in rescuing turtles which have been injured by fishing nets, boats and pollution (especially plastics). The trip began with a 30 minute trip to the island. Gladstone's harbour and foreshores are exceptionally attractive.There was a guided tour of the centre with its multiple containment tanks, a 9 metre swimming pool and a newly constructed treatment and dry dock room. QITRC is licensed to rehabilitate up to ten marine turtles at any one time. The majority of animals treated by the hospital have been green turtles, but the carers have also rehabilitated other marine life. People enjoyed the photo opportunities provided by the island's fauna inhabitants. Lunch was provided and there was opportunity to swim or just enjoy the beaches. Booking was available through the cruise ship by which we returned to Sydney. And do note that entry is available only to pre-booked groups.‬
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