‪The Living Room‬

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‪11:00 ص - 10:00 م‬
11:00 ص - 10:00 م
11:00 ص - 10:00 م
11:00 ص - 10:00 م
11:00 ص - 10:00 م
11:00 ص - 10:30 م
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الجوار: ‪Downtown / Chinatown‬
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  • Metro Center • 7 دقائق سيرًا
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فيلادلفيا, بنسيلفانيا842 مساهمة
‪I stayed at the W for business and then my husband came to meet me for a weekend in DC. The W has the perfect location and after my meeting I decided to grab a drink in the lobby bar. What a surprise. We ended up staying there for like 4 hours. The bartender Blair was so nice, welcoming and what a bartender should be. We made a friend at the car. Drinks werent as outrageous as they are on the roof. And the appetizers, small bites were yummy. All in all had a great time before our dinner reservation at the Hamilton across the street( which was also yummy and had great happy hour specials). ‬
كُتب بتاريخ 22 يوليو 2012
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‪Tysons Corner‬, فيرجينيامساهمة
‪I always heard the W was a great place to meet for a Happy Hour. My colleagues and I decided we should go there after work for a couple drinks and some dinner. Unfortunately, we did not have a reservation. During the time we were waiting, I felt we were treated like 2nd class citizens. As soon as we were about to complain to management and walk out, a short Asian girl, Anh Chow had addressed our concerns and found us a temporary table to sit out during our wait. She was very professional and a delight. Anh was able to bring my colleagues out of their bad mood with her positive attitude. She even suggested drinks such as the dark and stormy which my coworkers loved. This great service change the tempo during my dinner meeting. Anh Chow is definition of customer service.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 25 أكتوبر 2010
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