‪Sunset Scuba & Snorkeling Center‬
‪فوكيت، تايلاند‬
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‪Sunset Scuba & Snorkeling Center‬
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Adelaide M
‪Worthington‬, ‪Ohio‬11 مساهمة
العائلة • ‪أغسطس 2016‬
‪Upon leaving the boat we were told if we have a something bad to say, 'We should keep our F*ing mouths shut" because they are tying to make a living. If that doesn't show a lack of respect for customers let me continue.

Throughout the trip the bar tender was throwing ice at people, shooting water out of the soda gun at people, and generally being passive aggressive, all the while with a smile on his face. If he reads this Im sure he'll say 'i was just...' What? Having fun? By assaulting people with sharp ice? By weilding the only weapon in a water fight? It's a small step from there to bullying.

But the crew gets it from the captain, right? When some of the customers were out snorkling too long, the captain was very unprofessional. His angry shouting and slamming doors brought what had been a mediocre snorkling trip to a rocky bottom, and left me with a sinking feeling of being unwanted fish bait.

I spent almost $100 altogether, for two of us on the 3 hour trip to a not-so-great snorkling location. There's no guide in the water with (so OK), but at least they should treat me like I'm a valued customer, instead of a just another tourist with money to take, I mean give.

We are just tourists. But we are people helping them stay employeed, like he implied, and we deserve respect and visible appreciation.

You want a good comment, try working for it instead of fishing for hundred dollar bills with awkward jokes and water fights.

The snokling location had strong currents and big waves the day we were out. Not great for mediocre swimmers. The reefs were only so-so, but we did see barracuda, meh. It wasn't the worth the money before they treated us like chum.

كُتب بتاريخ 19 أغسطس 2016
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