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Sydney, Australia43 مساهمة
‪We stayed in Sugar Palm Resort, which is located in Kata Beach in Phuket. The Resort is really good. Plase read our earlier review. Just wanted to add few words about massage.
There are many massage places around. The one we favoured was "Lucky Friend" which is located in front of the resort. The girls there are incredibly friendly, hardworking (they work from 9:30 a.m. till 11:30 p.m.). The charge for 1 hour full body thai massage is 250 Baht (less than Australian $9). We had several full body thai massages, foot massage and manicure. We used the services of the girls named Ya, Noch and Khe. The quality of their massages was excellent to say the least. We gave them small tips few times. But in the end of our stay when we were leaving they gave us gifts which probably cost more than the tips we gave them. That was really touching. They were sorry that we were leaving. We were really sorry to leave too.
If you go to Lucky Friend massage, ask for Ya and Noch and you won't be disappointed. If you stay in Kata Beach area we recommend you use their service regularly so the girls could work on your body progressively. That way you will get the most benefit and improve condition of your body substantially. Say hi to them from Yana & Boris.

Sydney, Australia

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