‪Jakarta Cooking Classes‬
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Eneri N
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‪Been there last 2013 with my mother in law, sister in law and my husband from Australia. First, Carla picked us up in apartment which is good but she drove like a racer that's why my 72 years old mother in law was complaining and i said to Carla drive slowly but she ignore me and keep speeding her car and went to dirty market which we dont inform we are all surprised -to buy all the ingredients that we need- then drive again going to her house and the car was out of fuel we stuck in the traffic in hot weather with our chicken, pork and vegetables at the back of her car for 1hour Carla was looking for a gasoline station. She came back with fuel so more driving to her house. We arrived we all thought we are the one will cook for our own but it wasn't we just look them cooking with her maid or cousins and it was disgusting with flies everywhere dusty place. Bad experience and i feel embarrassed for my guests coz im the one who suggested that idea! It sucks >.<‬
كُتب بتاريخ 6 مايو 2015
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