‪Mochi Gate‬

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العائلة • أغسطس 2017
‪Mochi Gate is one of the thirteen gates of Lahore. It's famous for it's dry-fruit and nut vendors, sweets (Rafiq and Fazal sweets), kites, fireworks and the famous Mochi Gate park.
With a large Shia population it has one of the oldest Imambargahs in Lahore from where you can see the traditional Ashura procession in Muharram. The tharra (Stoop) culture which can be seen in New York is present here too as the residents, male and female sit and socialise on these outside their shops and houses respectively.
It is a place worth exploring and history pores through every street of the area. It might not be as famous as the other gates but it's worth visiting to experience Lahore.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 16 أغسطس 2017
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العائلة • مارس 2016
‪Mochi Gate lies in the southern direction. Two different tales revolve around the name of this gate. Some say that it was named Moti or pearl after the imperial guard of this gate called Pandit Moti Ram and the name got twisted to Mochi. Some say that it was named after the trench soldiers and called Morchi Gate, that got distorted to Mochi, because there are different neighborhoods or Mohallas named after the arrow and bow craftsmen. I have always felt that this gate must have been christened after the cobblers or Mochis who might have worked there to repair shoes and saddles. You can see many historical buildings here. The famous Mochi Bagh, had a Speaker's Corner where renowned politicians like Jinnah, Liaquat Ali Khan and Bhutto addressed the political gatherings. The Mosque of Mohammad Saleh Kumbho and the Old Well or Laal Khoo can also be seen here. This area is famous for it's Shia residents and has some of their famous mansions like the Nisar Haveli, the Mubarak Haveli and the Laal Haveli. Nisar Haveli is renowned because every year a huge Shia procession goes out from here on the tenth of Muharram. Mubarak Haveli is historically significant because this was the venue where Maharaja Ranjit Singh met his Afghan counterpart to trick him out of the Kohinoor Diamond. Mochi Gate also houses the famous Imam Bargah (Shia Mosque) Bab ul Hawaij. There are many culinary specialities of this area like the sweet meats of Fazal Sweets, the Kebabs of Saaien and the nearly extinct Das Kulcha. The kebabs have a legend associated with them that even the jinns and witches came to eat them.‬
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