‪Dusail Yacht Charters‬
‪دُبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة‬

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‪Dusail Yacht Charters‬
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دُبي, الإمارات العربية المتحدة6 مساهمات
‪Good afternoon everyone,

Living in Dubai for 3 years, I was really looking forward this nice cruise as my family was finally visiting me in Dubai!
However, the whole adventure turned out to be a cruel disappointment and complete shock.

I booked 8 days in advance and specified that we would be 7 adults + 1 young kid for the 3.30-5.30pm cruise (on a Monday). We arrived on time but we were shocked to discover that while the boat had approximately 8-12 seated places, Dusail had sold far more tickets than the available seats… The staff told us that the boat was full and that we had to seat on the deck. I am used to sail so that would not have been a problem but the whole deck of the yacht turned out to be very sloping and slender! Moreover, there was no guardrail at all (just a very thin metallic rope) so you could have slipped into the water extremely easily. This was obviously not the type of boats on which you can normally accommodate people on the deck.
I was chocked to see that a serious company like Dusail could allow people to sail in these dangerous conditions.

I tried to discuss with the manager & owner of the company (who was on board) to gently find a solution but he unexpectedly treated me with a great despise and loud arrogance in front of the other clients and my whole family, to finally say that he did not mind if we did not want to come on board… I am still shocked that they do not take appropriate security measures for their clients (selling more tickets than the available capacity seemed voluntary) and above all that they do not hesitate to instantly despise you and laugh at you with an extreme disdain. The boat left and we were left alone in the Marina.

As my family had their return flight on the same day, my grandfather, who made 7.000km to come to Dubai, will never had the chance to sail once in his life (that would have been is first sailing)… he is 90 years-old and was also left on the pier with tears in his eyes.

Thank you Dusail.

كُتب بتاريخ 2 نوفمبر 2010
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