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John C
47 مساهمة
العائلة • يناير 2017
‪Thanks Chandy, Sky, Nathan and Leaphy at silk screen printing lab in siem reap for leading our family through a fun, informative and productive t-shirt making workshop! Amy suggested the idea, especially since silk screen printing lab is affiliated with the NGO green gecko, an excellent organization helping kids in Cambodia.

We showed up the day before our workshop, and Nathan explained to us that we could make some t-shirts from their pre-made screens, or we could use our own logo. I suggested to the kids that we make our own "logo" from our four4four blog, and boom, like sharks at the smell of fresh blood, our family and the fine folks at silk screen printing lab burst into a creative frenzy.

Amy and Leaphy worked to find t-shirts that would fit each of us.
Mia asked about an elephant design, she had a picture in mind. Nathan went into the vault, and found an image they already had, perfect! Mia and Nathan also looked into good ink colors.

Porter had an idea for the logo on the back. He drew it on paper, and Chandy said "yes, I can make it."

We left for the day excited, then returned the next afternoon to find our screen ready to go. They looked awesome! Making the shirts was very fun and interactive. Sky couldn't really speak English, but when mia or Poe pressed the ink I tot he shirt, Sky encouraged each of the kids to "aarrrrgggghhhh!" They got the point, and he usually helped them with the last press. He inspected each press, and often gave it an extra go to be sure we had a quality product. He let me do a little too much on my own, so mine is a bit "ink-heavy."

In the end, we have four amazing shirts. Thanks again silk screen printing lab!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 19 يناير 2017
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ملبورن, أستراليا3,747 مساهمة
رجال الأعمال • يناير 2016
‪I visited the team here to source tshirts for the future
The small team of local Cambodians are producing great work and creating a sustainable income
If you need anything screen printed these are your guys ‬
كُتب بتاريخ 20 يناير 2016
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