‪Neelamegha Perumal Temple‬

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زوجان • أبريل 2019
Thirukannapuram is one of the 108 divya desams near Mayavaram. This kshetram is also known as 'pancha krishna kshetram' (five abodes of Krishna). Including this Thirukannapuram, others are, Thirukkannankudi,ThirukkannaMangai,Kabistalam and Thirukovilur. Perumal of this temple is called Sowrirajan
The legend behind the temple is that once an archahar, (bhattar,priest)called Ranga bhattar, due to poverty, was recycling used garlands to decorate the Lord. Once when the king visited, he noticed a strand of hair in the garland. The angered king asked the priest how a human hair could have got into the garland meant for Narayana. Flustered priest blabbered saying that it was the hair of the Lord Himself. The priest promised the king to show the Lord's hair the next day. Fearing death penalty, the priest surrendered to the Lord. To save the poor priest Ranga bhattar, Lord appeared with thick hair and gave darshan to the king. Hence he is known as Sowriraja perumal ( Sowri - hair)"Om Namo Narayana" is the Thirumandiram and Thirumangai Azhwar was taught by Lord Neelamega perumal itself. This sacred mandiram consists of eight syllables and here Sriman Narayanan is said to live in each syllable and hence this place is also called "Srimathasthakshara Maha Manthira Siddhi Kshetram".
Here the deity appears as if seeking alms,signifying that He is receiving our hardships on Himself to keep the human kind happy. The Chakra in his hand is Prayoga chakra and appears ready to destroy the evil.‬
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العائلة • فبراير 2019
‪Thirukannapuram Souriraja Perumal (neelamega Perumal) is situated in Nagapattinam District, Tirumarugal BLOCK, on Nagapattinam-Nannilam bus route. Once reach Tirupugalur village, one can see 2 arches -one opposite to another on 2 sides of the main bus route. One arch reads - Tirupugalur and opposite arch reads as Thirukannapuram Souriraja Perumal entrance gate. From this arch, one has to travel 1.5 kms inside the village to raech the temple.

Big tank welcomes the visitors at the entrance of the temple. Once inside, visitors can come across a flag post which leads to pillared hall. Onleft side,is main Diety Souriraja Perumal ( Neelamega vannan)in standing posture. Just opposite to flag post, Goddess Thirukannapura nayagi (Goddess Lakshmi) in amajestic standing posture.

Many Vaishnavite saints like Periyalwar,Nammalwar,Anadal,etc, praised this Lord. Temple legend says, that Lord Vishnu appeared with a wig to save one his staunch devotee, from king's punichment,hence known as Sourirajan (meaning-with long hair like a woman has).

Specialty in this Vishnu temple is, Navagraha sannidhi. Generally, Navagrahas are worshipped in Siva temples only. But here, legend says, that Lord Indra worshipped Navagraha to ward off HIS evils. This Navagraga immages are sculptured in a single stone (all 9 images of Navagragam). This is at the entrance gate of the temple.‬
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