‪Museum BPK RI‬
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4.0 من 5 دوائر
زوجان • ‪سبتمبر 2017‬
‪This Museum of the State Financial Audit Agency (BPK) tells the story of the origin and development of the government audit function from humble beginnings to its present monitoring and reporting role in establishing financial accountability through the transition from military rule to democracy.
The museum is in a Dutch colonial era building near the centre of Magelang, where the BPK was established in 1945. At that time the BPK had the important task of building confidence in the new Republic of Indonesia and its currency to give the country credibility in the eyes of its own people and the world. There is a large collection of old photographs of the BPK’s activities, its leaders and national figures, and press reporting of important investigations conducted.
The museum opened in 2017 and aims to publicize and build acceptance of the need for accountability in government spending in the face of many competing pressures. They are well set up for group visits by students and others, with some film adapted from the popular Hindu epic, the Mahabharata, to give local context to the issue of responsibility in spending budget funds.
There is parking outside, entry is free and our guide was very informative and added a lot to our understanding ( not sure if he speaks English).
Recommended for those with an interest in Indonesian history and the establishment of democracy under difficult conditions.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 10 نوفمبر 2017
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