‪Twtravelexpert- Benson Lai-Private Guided Tour‬
‪Twtravelexpert- Benson Lai-Private Guided Tour‬
‪إيجارات ورحلات بدون مرشد‬
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‪تايشونج، تايوان‬

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‪Twtravelexpert- Benson Lai-Private Guided Tour‬
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بيتالينج جايا, ماليزيا4 مساهمات
‪أكتوبر 2019‬
Benson 团队安排在机场接送。
在几天内, 他们有细心的安排行程, 也配合我们的要求而做出行程更改。

We went for a family trip 5 days 4 nights.
Benson and his team arrange to have us pick up from airport.
He arrange for all the tour itineraries.
When we ask for changes, he obliges.
Really as good as they come. Can't ask for more.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 28 أكتوبر 2019
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سنغافورة, سنغافورة424 مساهمة
العائلة • ‪يونيو 2015‬
‪My sister-in law's good friend recommended Benson our tour guide to us. They previously enjoyed their trip in Taiwan with him in December last year, and so we consulted Benson with our trip itinerary.

Benson had worked very closely with us in coordinating where and what to see. Bear in mind we are quite the fussy Singaporean. Me at least haha! We provided him with our prerequisites for hotels, the places we wanted to see-- and he proposed a tailor-made itinerary that was near flawless. We did away with the museums and temples, and focused more on nature and scenery and kids' activities.

My kids were delighted with their very own construction of their wooden toy musical boxes at www.kokumu.com. As with visiting the artistic graphic Rainbow Village in Taichung. Visiting architectural wonders like the Paper Dome appealed to the inner artist in them. Places like Cingjing and Yilan amazed them with fun winding stairs to climb and animals to touch and see.

Each destination interwove seamlessly into the next. We started out at Taichung, and adjourned to Cingjing, Sun Moon Lake, Hua Lien, Yilan and finally Taipei. Sandwiched between the sunny humid weather of Taichung and Taipei were delightful respites at the places with colder climate like Cingjing, and Sun Moon Lake..so it made for a very pleasant change.

The long scenic winding drives up in Benson's well kept Volkswagen Caravelle was another plus point. Fresh bottled water was provided daily. The vehicle was spotlessly clean. Seats were spacious and comfy for a family of 7. We were given a brief history of each destination as we drove along. Knowing my hubby and I like to run, we were also recommended where to run! (For avid runners, do go for a morning jog at Sun Loon Lake. Its a pleasantly cool 6km with very fresh air and amazing sights. Also, the beach trail near Hotel Bayview at Hua Lien makes for a easygoing run/ bike on cooler mornings. You can't swim there though. Dangerous tides.)

We were also pleasantly surprised one day when we stopped by a cold and hot spring at Hua Lien for a quick soak en route to Yilan. We had arrived unprepared with no towels but bought a few there to towel dry. Sometimes spontaneous jaunts like these are quite interesting! There's a lot to discover and unfold!

We had requested to lug back 2 bicycles from Taiwan, and Benson took us to recce for the bikes amidst the busy trip. Thankfully, the 2 bikes fit in the vehicle coupled with lots of luggage..whew!

Visiting Taiwan as a family or with friends is definitely fun when there is much to cater for old and young alike. Don't hesitate to visit! Quote Benson your itinerary and let him take you on a wonderland journey...especially if you are travelling with young kids like me! :-)‬
كُتب بتاريخ 7 يونيو 2015
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