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‪Magadan was founded in 1930, principally to take advantage of the positive mining reports that had been produced by engineers in the area a few years earlier. The main mineral to be extracted was gold, but tin and other types of ore were also found in the area. Eduard Berzin had set up labour camps for prisoners in the Ural Region a few years earlier which were very profitable and was rewarded by Stalin with the leadership of Dalstroy which was the company responsible for the mining operations in the Magadon Oblast (Kolyma Region). The camps in the Urals had a reputation of being comfortable and the prisoners were paid a small stipend.

Eduard Berzin fought in WW1, and was tasked with the protection of Lenin after the Russian Civil War of 1917. The project at Magadan would be his greatest challenge. He arrived in Magadan in 1932 with a few engineers and the first set of prisoners.There was hardly any infrastructure and the town was barely habitable. The prisoners worked to build basic infrastructure, the most important of which was roads to the mines.Most of this first set of prisoners died due to the harsh working conditions, particularly the extreme cold. Berzin purchased three ships which ensured a steady supply of prisoners, of which there were no shortage during Stalin's Great Purge (Great Terror). During the Great Purge, Stalin oversaw the imprisonment of millions of people, who were persecuted against due to religion, politics and ethnicity.

The output of the mines rose steadily as Stalin pushed Berzin to constantly increase production. As the workload increased, so did the rate of death in the camps. Berzin had initially set up the camps modelled on his Ural Camps, actually paying the prisoners a stipend, but this was ceased within the first year.As was the case with many Soviet officials of the time, he fell out of grace with Stalin and was ordered to Moscow in 1937. He was arrested on the charge of spying and locked away in the infamous Lubyanka prison, where he was shot and killed. Berzin is remembered in Magadan for the founding of the city and development of the area, which today has approx. 100,000 inhabitants. Although his methods caused the death of many inmates, his successors had higher death rates, and his stewardship is actually seen as being positive.

His statue is a short walk south of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. It is in front of the City Hall building, just past the 70th Anniversary Park. This area is accessible 24 hours per day, and photos may be taken. Other nearby attractions include the memory knot, chapel, war memorial and public park.‬
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