‪Памятник В.И. Ленину‬

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بمفردك • فبراير 2019
‪Стандарный ни чем не выдающийся памятник ушедшей эпохи. Некогда стоял в центре, но после постройки на площади имени Ленина собора (с тех пор площадь в народе так и называется - площадь соборная имени Ленина) перенесен на задворки. Наверное, хорошо, что был сохранен.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 6 فبراير 2019
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Andrew M
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العائلة • يوليو 2017
‪We had planned to view all the Lenin Statues in the cities/towns that we visited on our vacation in Russia, but this one was not the easiest to find. The photos that we had of Magadan, showed this statue facing the Holy Trinity Cathedral, so we were surprised when we visited the cathedral and saw the statue of a saint (Saint Innocent of Alaska) instead of Lenin.The Lenin statue was moved in 2010 to the intersection of Gagarina and Kosmonavtov Streets.which is about 2 km from the previous location.The statue faces in a southerly direction with the old KGB building on it's left.

The statue is on a pedestal made of square cut stones. Lenin stands in a pose with his right hand at his side, hat in hand, and his left hand in pocket.He is weaaing a thick coat, which we thought was a great idea in the freezing Magadan weather. We visited in summer and it was 8C (46F) .The statue was soiled by seagull droppings, as there are many seagulls in Magadan, which are usually seen on the roofs of tall buildings.There was a seagull perched on Lenin's head, and we managed to get a great photo before it flew off. The park is well maintained, and there are flower beds on either side of the statue. A few benches are located here, and it is a good location to rest and view the area.

The easiest route to reach this area, is probably by walking to the right of city park on Gagarina Street for 15 minutes (approx. 1 km). There are many shops and cafes in this area, but not many attractions. If you are interested in viewing Lenin statues, as we are, this short walk is worth the effort. The old KGB building also adds to the history of the location.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 7 ديسمبر 2017
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