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العائلة • ‪يناير 2017‬
‪Old machines that are either not functioning or need assistance to function well.

Details below :

The children air hockey was not functioning well. Once the puck went in after the first goal, it did not release the puck. Air is still there on the air hockey table. I approached the customer service, and the lady was very reluctant to go over. She said no more air. I explain again there is still air and we only scored 1 goal. She told me to shake the table. I said where ? Which part of the table? She reluctantly go over and shake it.. saying..'this is loose, shake here..' and went away. So we did that till the game was over. Thereafter we switch to adult air hockey. After we insert token, the puck is not released. Again i went over to customer service. She (the same malay lady) again said the puck will come out from the side. 'Wait'. I went back to the air hockey table. The puck was released but theres no air
On the table. Again i went to customer service. The same lady reluctantly went to the table. Without saying a word, she started to fix it. Took out the puck to reset the machine. She threw the puck into the slit hole and hit my child's hand ! It was painful but she did not apologise. When i told her about it, she still did not apologise. After the game, i went over to the counter but her colleagues refused to tell me the lady's name. A heated argument exchange between us. She insist that my child shouldnt put his hand there knowing she is fixing it. She did not apologise and insist is 'not on purpose'. Her colleague asked her to apologise but she refused! Her colleague then apologised on her behalf. Is it so hard to apologise when she hit a child's finger ? Not that we want to let them play adult air hockey but the children air hockey is spoilt !

The management should seriously train the customer service manners and to polite !

It is not cheap either. Is about RM 1-2 per game but is not worth it as i keep going back n forth to the customer service.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 22 يناير 2017
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‪Tasmania‬, أستراليا178 مساهمة
العائلة • ‪يناير 2016‬
‪Was taken to a large shopping mall by our tour guide and found this place. You buy a card that costs 32 Malaysian Ringgit and that gives you 30 credits to use on any machines you want-most machines use 1 of your credits and some machines use 2. When you use all the credits, you return the card and get a 2 ringgit refund. There are all sorts of amusement games like car racing, basketball throwing, candy machines, fun exercise machines etc-suitable for kids and adults and great fun. My grandson won several prizes from the machines that scoop a toy up and drop in a slot. 3 happy children spent around an hour having fun and winning small toys-excellent value for money.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 13 يناير 2016
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