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زوجان • ديسمبر 2019
‪Not to be confused with the much busier Hat Samila, Chalathat Beach is a long strip of white sand just to the east of the city center and “around the corner” from the Golden Mermaid statue.

This beach is well-looked after and is perfect for a long, pleasant walk along the shoreline. Towards the northern end, there are shaded areas directly on the sand where you can pop your gear down and escape the hot sun.

Unlike Samila, there aren’t any stalls directly on the beach. Instead, all of the action takes place across the road on Thanon Chalathat, which runs parallel to the beach itself. There are literally dozens of little eateries, restaurants and bars, starting from the Thanon Platha intersection right up to the headland. The facilities gradually become more sophisticated the further north you go, ranging from cheap stalls at the southern end to fully-fledged nightclub-bistro set ups further up (the attached picture is from halfway along).

Overall, a decent city beach and certainly cleaner and more conducive to swimming than the more famous Hat Samila.‬
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