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Andrew M
‪San Carlos‬, كاليفورنيا264 مساهمة
العائلة • مارس 2017
‪We love visiting small towns and exploring their history museums, so during a weekend getaway to California's Central Valley, we stopped in Hughson and visited the Hughson Historical Society. To ensure that the museum would be open on the day we were visiting, we contacted the Hughson City Hall (we couldn't find any contact information on the museum's Facebook page) and received the number of the President of the museum, Doris. She was very nice and was happy to open up the museum for us.

The museum is located in downtown Hughson at the corner of Hughson Avenue and Charles Street. Doris told us that they had just ordered a sign to display outside the building, to make it easier for visitors to find them. Inside the museum is a large room filled with pictures, artifacts, and newspaper articles all related to the history of Hughson. You can spend at least an hour reading through all the text and looking at all the photographs.

Though Hughson is the newest city in Stanislaus County, it has a long and unique history—and many 100-year-old buildings! The museum featured information about how the town was named. Hiram Hughson came to California at age 17 and, after a few years of working an assortment of jobs, he purchased 1,000 acres in what is today Hughson. Gradually, he bought even more land to grow grain, until he had between 2,000 and 5,000 acres. When the railroad put tracks across his land, the station was known as the Hughson stop. The name was never changed when the city was formed. At the time of Hughson's death, his reported worth was over $1,000,000, invested in land, mortgages, and securities. He had become one of the wealthiest men in the San Joaquin Valley.

The museum included a wide range of unique items, from signs and cheerleader clothing from Hughson High School to old matchboxes with local advertising. We learned that Hughson is the "Peaches and Cream Capital of the World," and viewed historic photographs and farming-related items. In addition, Doris told us stories and more information that made the displays really come alive.

We really enjoyed our visit to the Hughson Historical Society. It's a well-organized museum and Doris was extremely kind and generous. If you live anywhere near Hughson and want to learn about the town's unique history, be sure to stop by the Hughson Historical Society. We would suggest calling ahead first to schedule an appointment. The displays are interesting, and, above all, the museum volunteers are very helpful. Doris made us feel welcome and told us a lot about the area and its history. It's an excellent museum!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 22 مايو 2017
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