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‪North Miami Beach‬, فلوريدامساهمة
يوليو 2011
‪When I first stepped foot in this place I felt at home, I tasted the wings and was hooked to the point of eating them 2-3 times a week! But only from Peggy... The buy one get one free drinks... omg! Friendly atmosphere Jeff, Skip, Chris, the others were kind of unfriendly to me... kind of like a cheer's kind of place. So over the course of 2 months they changed the famous sauce that got me hooked, you can no longer smoke in there, and a lady was cookin i forgot her name, I asked her for extra sauce and she literally had my wings swimming! I wanted to throw it all in her face but my guy kept me cool. I had to drain my wings off with a napkin because she wanted to be a smart a**. I will not be going back here because of that and because I like to smoke a cig with my oil and here you can no longer do that. I heard they are remodeling so I guess they are becoming commercialized now. Oh well... A valuable customer of 2 months gone bye-bye...‬
كُتب بتاريخ 13 أغسطس 2011
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ساو باولو, SP24 مساهمة
‪I love this place. I have been here several times for afterwork functions, and just to play a few games of pool. The service is outstanding and the waiters and waitresses are so utterly friendly and attentive one feels you are in a five star restaurant. The food is pretty good bar food and very reasonably priced. They plan on remodeling the entire place soon (I heard this last weekend). It is looking a little tired so a remodel is just the trick.

The history of Hollywood Billiards is fascinating. A big studio boss started it as a place where some of the big actors could hang out and play pool and drink. Originally it was in the basement of 5500 Hollywood Blvd till the Northridge Earthquake hit and destroyed the original location.

I love it here. Great casual place to hang out and play!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 11 يوليو 2010
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