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‪My bike sat at Jason Brittons shop for over 3 months (Nov. 30th - Feb. 28th) & the worst part about this is his main worker, Ramzy started working on the bike on February 27th (the day he promised I would have my bike back) My bike was rushed fixed and had several issues externally and internally the day I picked it up on the 28th. Screws were tightened into the paint and have left indented marks, old rusted screws which were damaged from the accident were put back on my bike, the right rear view mirror was never replaced, the old one was put on and the worst part about this was my bike would not go into neutral and I was having clutch problems. On Feb 28th, from 12:30 a.m.-2:00 a.m. Ramzy spent several hours trying to figure out what was going on with the clutch and neutral issue, to no avail Ramzy had us come back that following Monday. Monday when I brought the bike in, I got a phone call saying my tank had been scratched and the part needed to be sent to paint. Mr. Clumsy man Ramzy also scratched up my gauge. Long story short my horror experience is still not over, I am still having clutch problems. Please save yourself money, a headache and the hassle. Find a different shop. Ramzy is un unexperienced motorcycle mechanic and he does shoddy cheap rushed work. And the owner Jason Britton says I am meticulous and a headache. At one point, Jason was even apologetic for these issues and told me he would resolve everything. But because his employee Ramzy was not supervised through the buying parts process it seems the ordering of parts exceeded the Insurance claim payout. They than tried to bill me. Once Jason realized his employee made this mistake he turned around and said he lost money and basically no longer wanted to help me. Psssh. Im shelling out 16 grand for this bike and your shop has caused me nothing but problems. All of the issues my bike has has been addressed and my poor bike is ruined. My bike looks like and 4 year old put it together. Overall very upset with my experience at No Limit Motorsports.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 15 مارس 2015
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