‪The Massage Studio and Spa‬
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بورتلاند, ‪Oregon‬93 مساهمة
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زوجان • ‪مارس 2012‬
‪We purchased four Groupon coupons for massages. I called two or three times to try to make an appointment but always got voice mail. I finally called when someone actually answered and was able to make an appointment for about a month away. My partner and I went for our massages and truly had fantastic results. Both the owners were charming, very skilled and responsive to individual needs.

I was so thrilled that I called to make a second appointment. The message said I should book online since I purchased a Groupon. When I went online, all appointments for the next two months were taken and the calendar didn't allow an appointment past that time. I have since called several times, left voice mail regarding the issue and have never received one call in return.

I believe the owners under-estimated the popularity of the Groupon. However, they are failing with their fulfillment. I'm frustrated to the point of just losing the remaining money and chalking it up to experience.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 29 أبريل 2012
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