‪Lake Boga Story Wall‬

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‪Bendigo‬, أستراليا35,049 مساهمة
أكتوبر 2021
‪The artist, Zhuo is an Australian artist with strong ties to the Aboriginal community and culture. Zhuo was a winner of the Holding Redlich People's Award at the Salon des Refuses during the Archibald Prize in 1999.

This wall was constructed in 2000 and it's a reconciliation symbol to bring the diverse sections of the community across Australia together to share histories, culture and experience.

It's quite stunning and it's most certainly worth stopping for a look. Lake Boga is in the traditional country of the Wamba Wamba people. They occupied the area for thousands of years before settlement.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 14 أكتوبر 2021
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