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أكتوبر 2019
‪Located in Gladstone, South Australia, Southern Flinders Discovery Centre is a great source of local information as well as further afield into the Flinders Ranges. Well marked on Gladstone Street, the Centre is relatively small but combines local history, local crafts, produce and information.

The staff member on duty was very friendly, knowledgeable and eager to share her love of Gladstone. Whilst viewing the historical display, I was taken with the folders of local social history including Deb Balls, Show days etc. When mentioned this to the volunteer she knew the history of how the display came about which is a dedication to preservation of local history.

Of other interest was the free Broadband for Seniors, the contribution of local Ngadjuri peoples and items of historical note. The centre promotes and retails regional products where possible, and offers free tastings of FC Grubb soft drinks. I purchased some of the drinks, which were later enjoyed and led to a wish to return and purchase more. Also available was Flinders Ranges Raw Honey which I also purchased.

The centre does open up other options whist visiting Gladstone other than the renowned Gaol.

Return? Yes - even if only for the local produce but also for more information on the general area,‬
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