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‪Columbus‬, ‪Indiana‬1,011 مساهمة
بمفردك • مارس 2019
‪This is a good sized park - some 600+ acres, including both open ground and wooded areas. It has has its own small lake with another larger lake and some marsh area nearby. There's also a couple of camp grounds (although these are perhaps better described as camper or RV parks with power and water hookups, shower house, and dump station). There's also a disk golf course, equestrian course, amphitheater, picnic facilities, playground, etc.

The park also provides facilities for several community organizations including the Johnson County Antique Machinery Club, Columbus Model Railroad Club, Radio Controlled Flyer Club, Indiana Live Steamers, and Nineveh Senior Center. The Live Steamers offer miniature train rides ($3 per person) for kids and adults on select weekends during the year.

However, the reason we came out this on this late March morning was to try out their hiking trails. There are about five miles of trails throughout the park, mostly in the wooded northwest corner but also extending to the south to the small lake on the grounds. A very helpful trail map is available in the park office and online at the Johnson County Parks (jocoparks.com) website. While we didn't cover all the trails while we were here, those we did walk were well marked and wide, but surface conditions varied - some were just grass with very soft, even muddy soil beneath, while others were a little firmer with some gravel, but still tending to be muddy in spots. Conditions will undoubtedly improve in drier weather.

Finding the park is a bit of a challenge if you try using GPS as many of the roads through the area are not as they appear in even the most up-to-date databases. We had a lot of fun driving through the back areas around Atterbury and even came across the old POW chapel left over from WWII days that is just west of the park while our GPS tried to take us on roads that either no longer existed, were fenced off, or didn't go where it said they did. If you disregard GPS, it turns out to be quite easy to get to the park: once you get on Old Hospital Road off US 31 (heading towards Camp Atterbury), make a right on Schoolhouse Road and then a left on North Street. You'll soon end up at the park office.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 20 مارس 2019
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Julie V
‪Auburn‬, ‪Indiana‬151 مساهمة
الأصدقاء • يونيو 2018
‪The dressage rings have have always had good footing and drainage, but in the past couple years they added covered pavilions at the dressage area so helpers and spectators can get out if the sun

The covered arena got a good makeover before the 2018 show season. The inside ceiling is white and smooth and many lights were added. The long wall facing the barns has been enclosed, blocking the wind and weather, but there is still a cross breeze from the open ends. Footing is finer and neither clumpy nor dusty. This is a much nicer place to show horses now. ‬
كُتب بتاريخ 16 يونيو 2018
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‪Indianapolis‬, ‪Indiana‬117 مساهمة
العائلة • يونيو 2017
‪While the park itself seems to have a lot to do, the shelter house in which the wedding was hosted could use some definite overhaul. We had to repair two of the picnic tables ourselves to keep everyone safe.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 8 يونيو 2017
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لويزفيل, ‪Kentucky‬407 مساهمات
العائلة • أكتوبر 2016
‪Great park for our 2 year old granddaughter. Activities divided by age, 2+ & 5+, with swing sets for all ages. Swings for special needs or wheelchair bound children as well. The neighboring farm has goats and chickens which interacted with the children. A number of shelters and picnic tables all over and restrooms as well. Paved walkway for walking/running.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 15 أكتوبر 2016
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Rosie B
Trafalgar, Indiana, United States5 مساهمات
الأصدقاء • يوليو 2014
‪Johnson County Park has a lot of charm. In July the park does a fabulous concert with fireworks and great music. Pack a picnic basket and celebrate the 4th. There is a small body of water that you can gaze upon and walk in a quiet area. There is a community bldg I think it is available for rent for family gatherings. There are lots of horse events if you are a horse lover.Close to Camp Atterbury. Lots of trails not crowded and just a nice place to relax.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 14 يوليو 2014
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