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‪Dover‬, ‪New Hampshire‬9,359 مساهمة
يوليو 2021
‪Harris Farm is noted for growing super sweet corn, but its farm store carries a lot more.

At the time of my visit, other available vegetables included zucchini, summer squash, new potatoes, green and yellow beans, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and tomatoes. Yellow wax beans were in short supply.

Dairy products included varieties of white, chocolate, and strawberry milk, eggs, butter, and cheese. The freezer case had Shaker Pond Ice Cream in stock.

There were several cuts their own pasture-raised beef sealed in heavy-duty plastic packaging.

Non-dairy items included honey, jams, and maple syrup.

I got one ear of corn and a mix of green and yellow wax beans. The total was $3.55. Although a bit expensive, the beans were fresh and tender. They tasted better than supermarket produce. Of course, the corn was incredibly good ~ fresh and sweet.

Outside, in a fenced-in meadow along the perimeter of the parking lot, there were several cows and two young calves grazing. They came over near the fence to check me out. And, when they realized that I wasn’t going to feed them, they went back to grazing on grass. They had a real herd mentality. They stayed lined up side by side in tight formation as they ate their way down the middle of the area.

For the quality and variety of food for sale, I rate Harris Farm at 5.0. The wandering cows are a bonus.

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