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‪Columbia‬, ‪Tennessee‬155 مساهمة
زوجان • فبراير 2016
‪My wife and I came to the local production of "Prelude To A Kiss", a story of a couple, set in the early 90's who fall in love and get married. At the wedding reception, the bride agrees to accept a kiss of congratulations from a stranger, and aged man from their town. Upon kissing her, their souls swap bodies, and a story of true love and a change in life-perspective quickly ensues. This was the last night of this particular production, but it's helpful to note that their was a fair bit of language, a few "F-bombs", talk of masturbation, sex-acts, a few scenes where the male actor partially undressed in front of the audience during his monologs, and some male-male kissing, which in my opinion are unnecessary. Needless to say, if you're looking for a "family experience", or just consider yourself to appreciate the more "conservative" side of the Arts, then perhaps it would be best to contact the Theater by phone to ask if any of these or other "adult-themes/content" will be included in the performance. Especially since NO NOTICE is provided on their website. In fact, a synopsis if the play was not even provided anywhere in the program, which we found rather odd. A few locals we spoke to mentioned that several of the productions they went to motivated them walk out mid-performance. We did not ask why, but got the message that their was little to no effort made in producing the shows to keep offensive content out.

Despite all of this, we found the overall message of the play redeeming and the stage production effective. The actors were very talented and did a great job seamlessly portraying their characters. If in the area, we would come again, but would likely make a call to check on content before coming. ‬
كُتب بتاريخ 14 فبراير 2016
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‪Cincinnati‬, ‪Ohio‬237 مساهمة
الأصدقاء • ديسمبر 2012
‪I don't think I've ever seen a bad show here! Some have been a little slow to get started yes, but they make up for it in the end.

I love the intamacy of the theatre, and the shows that really feed off the audience. It's perfect for shows like that. You can have food and drink during shows, and in some seats are even encouraged to take pics and live tweet about the show if you want! The seats are a bit old, so some of them in the middle tend to get a little uncomfortable, but there really isn't a bad seat in the house! In the house that holds no more than 50 I'm pretty sure... if that. The restrooms are clean and always stocked, and they have snacks and pop for sale. Which you can take into the theatre with you. Major plus!

The group of actors are great! Yes, you may see the same faces show after show, but they have no problems making you think it's a whole other person. They're a great group of actors/actresses.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 28 يناير 2013
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