‪St Bartholomäus Church‬

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‪This fascinating church is in the heart of Meckel and it comes to life several times a day with its ringing bells and carillon.
The church complex consists of the "new " 1896 neo-Gothic church on the hill, old church serving as a funeral chapel nearby and the cemetery surrounding it.
St. Bartholomäus is the Roman Catholic parish church. It it functioning and offers Sunday masses and other religious services.
It is not open at all times but if given a chance do see it inside because all the neo-Gothic original furnishings are preserved!. A late Gothic sacrament niche was taken out of prior much older church. The ornamental paintings are also original.
It has one nave built from limestone blocks. The windows have tracery. Of interest are the wooden pulpit and the high altar, which was designed as a winged altar.
Reinhold Wirtz, the architect of this church, died shortly after it was completed.
This church is a true treasure of Meckel. As early as the year 800 Meckel had a church of its own!
Visit to the historical cemetery might be of interest as well.‬
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