‪Rezerwat przyrody Szczytniak‬
‪غابات‬ • ‪طبيعة ومناطق الحياة البرية‬
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‪Ipswich‬, UK4,851 مساهمة
بمفردك • ‪سبتمبر 2017‬
‪Small - only about 6 ha - but very interesting nature reserve in Jeleniowski Park Krajobrazowy, on top of the hill of the same name. Protects a bit of natural forest, but most importantly a "gołoborze", which is a local name for large glades covered with stones. Biggest gołoborze are in highest ridge of Świętokrzyskie, especially on Święty Krzyż, but the one on Szczytniak, much smaller, is even more charming, as completely surrounded by forests, and if you get there - you'll have it basically for yourself, as thi attraction only attracts a fraction of tourists numbers, comparing to Święty Krzyż. Accessible only for walkers by marked trails, red from Paprocice or Gołoszyce, black from Piórków or Skoszyn (the shortest walk). But be very carefull walking on black trail, as it goes directly through the gołoborze, and those stones can be dangerous when wet.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 12 أبريل 2018
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