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الأصدقاء • مارس 2016
‪A co-worker and I went on a day off to treat ourselves to a pedicure. My friend is an avid fan of Indigo but this was my first visit. They have won several "titles: as being a luxurious and top-rated spa so what did I have to lose, except money.
Unfortunately a few months prior the building experienced a fire which brought down the entire top floor to the main floor. Therefore, renovations were in place and the spa didn't look as plush as I would have thought. I found out about the fire from my friend. They did have a sign saying, Please forgive the dust during our renovation." However, if my friend hadn't told me what had happened, I would have been more disappointed. The amount of renovation taking place is a turn off when I am paying the prices they charge.
The 2 ladies who did our toes/feet were great at being quiet so that we could have a conversation. They offer a variety of drinks including wine slushies where were delicious. My nails looks great and I didn't experience any painful cutting,etc.
The seats are massage chairs which I was glad they just got them in. I found out they didn't have them pre-fire.
At the check out I was given numberous pieces of literature about their point program of which I will never take advantage of due to the amount of visits I would have to make there to earn the amoung of points required to earn a small gift card.
I didn't give the spa a 5 due to the price. $54 for a regular medicure was steep. The neighborhood doesn't warrant it and I can't say that I was treated more warmly than the nail salons I have gone too In fact one nail salon in Flordia where I got a pedicure for $25 made me feel for welcome. There is also another full service spa that I frequent that is every bit of the word luxurious and they treat me like royality.
So in summary, I do love my toes but probably won't return due to price and customer relation.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 29 مارس 2016
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